Baranof Island Brewing Company

About Baranof Island Brewing Company

Baranof Island Brewing Co. is owned, operated, sampled and sold by Sitkan beer lovers, Rick and Suzan. When they opened the brewery in 2010, enthusiastic townspeople drank up the supply so quickly, they immediately had to ramp up the capacity of their operations.

Now that they can keep the thirsty locals satisfied (look for BIBCo. on tap at local restaurants), they are ready to share with you their passion for really good hand-crafted beer.

Brew nerds will appreciate that every unfiltered 310-gallon batch is a combination of pure, glacier-fed Alaskan water and a blend of gourmet malts and hops, lovingly selected by our brew master.

Garden variety beer fans can look forward to a cold tasty pint after a busy day exploring and young visitors can kick back with a micro root beer.

Please note that the brewery is a tasting room and not a bar. In accordance with Alaska state law, we are happy to offer you up to 36 ounces of beer per person for purchase while you are at the brewery.

Please Stay Tuned for Updates. We plan to reopen in our new location July 1st!

Frequently Asked Questions at BIBCO
What are your tap room hours and locations?
2PM-8PM Daily.
Our new location is at 1209 A Sawmill Creek Road. If you are having trouble finding us, call 1-907-747-BREW and we'll guide you in.
Why the limits on the amount I can purchase?
A brewery licensed by the State of Alaska is regulated to sell beer in quantities of: Not more than five gallons a day to an individual who is present on the licensed premises for consumption off the premises and not more than 36 ounces a day of the brewery's product to a person for consumption on the premises.
What is a growler?
A growler is a glass 64 ounce or 1/2 gallon bottle which usually has a screw top lid. You can buy a new one with our fancy logo on it at the brewery or you can bring in your own container, we don't mind, we just want to make sure you are drinking excellent hand crafted beer made right here in Sitka. How you get it home is up to you!
Is your beer filtered or pasteurized?
No, we do not filter or pasteurize our beer. You may even see yeast in the bottom of your glass or growler; this is because our beer is not filtered. Our beer is truly old school handcrafted!
Where did the name growler come from?
Well, there are a lot of stories behind this one but the one we go with is this: back in the late 19th century, fresh beer was carried from the local pub to one’s home by means of a small galvanized pail. It is claimed the sound that the CO2 made when it escaped from the lid as the beer sloshed around sounded like a growl hence the name growler.
Are you going to start bottling?
Yes, We have a limited amount of 22oz bottles and 12oz bottles will be available soon! Check your favorite Sitka liquor store for BIBCo. bottles. Keep your eyes out for our brews in other Alaskan towns. They could be heading your way!
Are you looking for investors?
Not at this time but we are very flattered you asked and this is the best compliment that you can give us! At this time we want to remain a small locally owned brewery and grow as slow or fast as the market demand allows us. If we do decide to take on investors we’ll be sure and publicize it.
Where else are you available in Sitka?
Besides the brewery you can find our beer at:

-The Lark Spur Cafe
-The Bayview Pub
-LudVig's Bistro
-Channel Club
-Alaska Dream Cruises
-Eagles Nest (USCG)
-Elks Lodge
-Ernies Old Time Saloon
-Pioneer Bar
-Harry Race Soda Fountain (Root Beer)
-Watson Point Liquor
-House of Liquor
-Pour House
-Dock Shack
Will you ship me some beer?
We would love to but legal constraints don't allow us at this time.
Does Baranof Island Brewing Company offer tours?
Well, if you’re at the brewery, you are inside our corporate world headquarters! We hide nothing so you can see it all while you’re here. If you have any questions just ask!
What is the deal with the keg lingo?
Well, a full keg is also called a barrel and a barrel is 31 gallons which is usually abbreviated to 1BBL so in brewery speak a half keg or 1/2BBL equals 15.5 gallons and 1/6BBL equals 5.1 gallons.
What happens with your left over (spent) grain?
Most of it ends up in Sitka gardens as compost. Stop by the brewery and help yourself to some if you would like, it's on a first come first serve basis. Please bring your own totes so our brewer has plenty on hand to fill!