Baranof Island Brewing Company

We started out as possibly Alaska's smallest brewery with a 1/2 BBL then a 1 3/4 BBL system. Now we brew on a 10 BBL system, handcrafting our beer in 310 gallon batches for you to enjoy.

We brew and sell beer for consumption on and off site. Our main focus is making great beer for you to try, take with you, and enjoy wherever you wish!

Our beer is available in refillable half gallon "growler" bottles. Buy a growler and take it home to enjoy then rinse it out and bring it back for a refill.

Alaska State law allows us to sell up to a maximum of five gallons of beer for off site consumption per day per each person who visits the brewery.

Although we do not have a "bar" at the brewery, you will be allowed to sample and purchase up to 36 ounces (Alaska State Law) of beer for consumption while you are at the brewery.

The Brewery